Library Column for June 10, 2022

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Summer reading is here! Hope you caught our first week of programming with plenty more to come. The best part of all is that kids can earn up to eight (8) free books this summer thanks to an unexpected donation from United Way.

Hopefully, the weather will begin cooperating and we can have a very nice break from the wet weather. But in the event that there are rainy days, know the library is prepared. We have a variety of blankets, tables and clothespins and encourage families to come to the library and build a reading fort together and then spend some time reading together.

Readers of all shapes and sizes will find plenty of great books to read at the library. Of course there are also lots of digital options these days with the library offering free books via the Libby and Hoopla apps. Ask for help if you aren’t already using these services to supplement your reading habit.

Here are some great new books to make the summer great! Imagine being given the opportunity to have one memory removed. One thing you would no longer have to fret, stew and ponder ever again. Would you have it removed? Then what would happen if you received notice that you had once had a memory removed and have a chance to decide if you still want the memory removed or to get it back. That is the premise behind the book Tell Me an Ending by Jo Harkin. Memory has always fascinated me and the ideas behind both voluntarily losing and regaining a memory is very intriguing.

Do we have a fascination with murder and death? Caite Dolan-Leach, the author of Dead Letters makes the case for our fascination in Dark Circles her newest title. Olivia Reed an actress, who had a very public meltdown on the streets of Manhattan, is in need of a break. Her publicist has just the place for her, a remote retreat in upstate New York, a spiritual Center to help her refocus her life. But Olivia soon finds that the center is not so much a House of Light, but a place of darkness, so she starts a podcast to figure out what is happening.

Nobody But Us by Laure Van Rensburg is a literary suspense set in an isolated cabin, far from the city. Steven is a well respected professor and Ellie is a wide-eyed grad student. The promise of long, dark nights and the chance for a romantic getaway is challenged by an unexpected snowstorm that reveals both harbor dangerous secrets and one of them won’t escape alive.

Escape the realities of life with a book full of culture and delectable recipes in The Secret French Recipes of Sophie Valroux by Samantha Verant. Family, food and France are the makings of a truly scrumptious book.

For a truly special beach read try The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner, a story of the messiness of family and the ways love enriches us.

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