Library Column for December 10, 2021

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I know I keep talking about the cool, awesome, amazing juvenile non-fiction, but we continue to get titles that I want to read and share. The newest title that has me sharing with anyone who will listen to me is Inside In : X-Rays of Nature’s Hidden World by Jan Paul Schutten with photography by Arie van ‘t Riet. The photographs are x-rays of animals, insects and plants in their natural environment. Discover what a bee looks like under its furry coat. Learn how a tree frog uses its eyes to swallow and more. Reading the text provides amazing pieces of information like how to tell the difference between an amphibian and a reptile, count the number of toes! (You’ll have to borrow the book, to know how many toes each has, though.) And discover the differences between rabbits and hares (as well as the similarities). I had so much fun reading this book as will anybody who loves animals (or just wants to learn some cool facts.)

We continue to catalog and prepare our new Playaways and Wonderbooks for borrowing. So stop by regularly to see what we have to offer. We think we have some pretty amazing titles selected and ready to borrow. It will take us several months to get all the new titles cataloged, processed and on the shelves so each time you visit the library there should be some new titles available to look at and borrow. Please let us know if there are specfic authors or genres you would like for us purchase more titles.

Annual reminder as winter arrives. Please do not put plastic items (like our new Wonderbooks and Playaways) or discs (CD books or DVDs) in the outside return if the temperature is expected to be below zero. The cold is too hard on plastic materials and they can break when outside at those temperatures. If you are unable to return items inside before they are due, please call us at 218-283-8051 or email us at ifallslibrary@ and we will extend the due date to allow you time to get them returned inside. Thank you for helping us keep the collection in good shape.

Library staff are willing to work with you if you are feeling under the weather or nervous about coming into the library this winter (or anytime) due to high levels of sickness in the community. We can meet you at the door with a bag of items already checked out to you that you have selected or ask us to find you a handful of titles by genre, or by author. Depending on how busy we are, we generally recommend several hours notice before stopping by. You can call or email us with your request. We want to encourage you to use the library in the manner that best meets your needs while keeping everyone as safe and healthy as possible. You are always welcome to wear a mask in the building.


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