International Falls Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – February 12, 2020

Present: Diane Adams, Library Director, Darcy Sullivan, Ashley Kostiuk, Paul Nevanen, Dick Peterson

Call to Order: Peterson called the meeting to order at 4:30 pm

Motion was made by Nevanen, seconded by Sullivan to approve the January minutes. Approved.

Financial Report and Bills: Motion by Nevanen, with second by Sullivan to pay the bills. Approved. Kostiuk signed the bills.

Director’s Report – January highlights included preparing the annual report, organizing and ordering materials for the KTI grants, figuring out what to order for the last of the Knudson grant and continuing to weed the adult fiction, now halfway done. January circulation was very disappointing, and storytime attendance was spotty with many families indicating they have been ill. Libratory attendance has fluctuated between 2 – 18, so all over the map. We did have wonderful attendance at the Repurpose, restyle, recycle program with Mary Mulari on Feb. 5th with 21 enthusiastic participants.

Scanning of newspapers has begun! We decided to start in 1960 and next month go back and do the earliest papers to allow Priscilla time to get used to scanning before we introduce the added difficulty of torn, flaking and otherwise difficult pages. We are still having to work on getting the OCR software to work. I have the manual downloaded and will be working on troubleshooting.

Upcoming programs: Libratory meets Wednesday afternoons, 3 – 4:30, storytime Thursday mornings at 10:30

Anna Meyer Bequest – $11,223 remains, ideas? Will look at again as we do strategic planning

Grants – KTI grant – started ordering gear for both youth and Virtual reality grants & Knudson grant – have just under $500 left on 2019 grant – will order a steamer, DVD and CD player, measuring light in the night sky kit and a couple more games.

long range planning – April 4th will work with most board members and Ballans iSpace. Please set aside date for strategic planning retreat, more details to come.

phone – round 2 – Frontier will be filing for bankruptcy in the near future, Motion by Nevanen, with second by Peterson to move to a VoIP system through Midcontinent Communications now. Approved

Donations: Motion by Sullivan, seconded by Kostiuk to approve the following donations: $500 from George Hartmann in memory of Ruth Ritchie, $100 from Ted and Mary Sapoznik, $50 from Stuart and Susan Nordquist, $20 from Robert and Pamela Peterson, $25 from Darrell Schmidt, $25 from Janell Feller and David Olson, $10 from Joyce Rasmussen, $10 from Wanda and Ronald Pelland, $25 from Kristen and Charles Helleloid in memory of Shirley Kocinski. Approved.

New Business:

Food for Fines will be conducted entire month of March. For each item of nonexpired, non-damaged food brought in $1 in fines is waived.

2020 holidays – Veterans’ Day falls on Wednesday, November 11 our normal date for meeting, board decided to move to Thursday, November 12th at 4:30pm. Christmas and New Year’s Day are Fridays, the library will be closed that day and the Saturday following.

Annual report has been completed, available for review and then Dick Peterson signed affadavit form for submittal.

board election – Nevanen moved and Sullivan seconded to have Ted Saxton serve as President with Dick Peterson Vice-President.

Next Friends of the Library sale – Saturday, March 7th, Noon – 2 pm

What are you reading? – Ashley finished The Other Life by Ellen Meister and Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid, Darcy is reading Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice, Dick read Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason and Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers by Brian Kilmeade, Paul is reading Fall Back Down When You Die by Joe Wilkins and Diane is reading Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix Harrow, Inspired by Rachel Held Evans and just finished To Night Owl from Dog Fish by Holly Goldberg Sloan.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 11th at 4:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20 pm.

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