Library Column for October 30, 2019

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It is time to begin gathering your hunting season supplies including plenty of reading and listening materials. Stop by the library and let us recommend some new or old titles to take with you. Discover a new author, a new subject, a new narrator or gather up your old favorites.

Here are some classics worth reading or re-reading this fall. Humorist Patrick McManus wrote both fiction and non-fiction. His fiction series with Sheriff Bo Tully are set in Blight County, Idaho where everything is done the Blight way for better or worse. The Blight Way introduces readers to Bo Tully and Circles in the Snow completed the series with six books. His non-fiction relates outdoor and adventure mishaps with titles like They Shoot Canoes, Don’t They? and The Night the Bear At Goombaw. His non-fiction make great read alouds around the campfire or other family setting.

Jim Kjelgaard wrote wonderful adventure and survival stories that again are great read aloud, but just marvelous reading. Enjoy Hidden Trail or The Lost Wagon. If you are looking to read aloud select one of the fabulous animal stories like Stormy or Big Red.

Many of you probably read Hatchet by Gary Paulsen at least once in school, but if you haven’t read it in a while, that is a classic worth checking out again. And if you liked that one be sure and read the rest of the series with The River, Brian’s Winter, Brian’s Return and Brian’s Hunt. But Gary Paulsen has also written some wonderful tales for adults including Winterdance: the fine madness of running the Iditarod about his experiences being a musher. Or try Eastern Sun, Winter Moon: an autobiographical odyssey or Clabbered Dirt, Sweet Grass for a moving story about the relationship between the farmer and his animals in a vanishing way of life. He also wrote about men and motorcycles in Pilgrimage on a Steel Ride.

Will Hobbs is the author of books for the upper elementary set, but they will appeal to many for their tales of the outdoors, survival and adventure. Never Say Die is set in the Canadian Arctic as two half-brothers meet and face white water, wild animals and wild weather together for the first time. Another tale set in Alaska is Wild Man Island, where a teen becomes stranded on Admiralty Island by a storm. Go Big or Go Home is about a young teens encounter with a meteorite crashing into his South Dakota bedroom.

Finally, Nevada Barr sets all her books in various National Parks with plenty of murder, mayhem and outdoor survival by Anna Pigeon, a law enforcement ranger who seems to encounter more than her share of mystery and murder. The first book in the series is Track of the Cat and the latest title in the series is Boar Island while Destroyer Angel is set on the Iron Range.

Have a safe and happy Halloween, a remembrance filled All-Saints Day and a great weekend preparing for hunting season.

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