Library Column for May 22, 2019

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Summer is almost here! Have you made plans about what you want to read this summer? Or are you more the read what you find when you need something kind of person? I’ve done both and find both appealing at different times.  Currently I have been trying to plan more what I read, although that does create problems when I discover a new author I love or a new book that I get a hold of suddenly or any number of other options for reading what I want at a specific moment.  But here are some great new titles that would make wonderful summer reading.

More than Words by Jill Santopolo is a romantic yet heartbreaking novel about grief, love, self-discovery and about choosing which life we are meant to live. Nina has ‘always known who she is supposed to be. But is that who she truly is?’ I love the cover of A Lady’s Guide to Selling Out by Sally Franson. A woman dressed in a white gown, that is actually a book turned on its end graces the cover. Meet Casey a brilliant young woman navigating a tricky twenty-first century career and the even trickier questions of who she wants to be, much in the tradition of The Devil Wears Prada.

Iris Johansen’s latest Eve Duncan novel is Dark Tribute. Ms. Johansen knows how to do high-octane thriller’s that will force your mind to race and your heart to pound. Cara had a tragic childhood but has left all that behind in her career as a professional musician until she is kidnapped by a mysterious man seeking to settle a score against her family.

The title alone is what made me want to read the next title. The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray is about two sisters who must come together in the house they grew up in to care for their older sister’s daughters after she and her husband are arrested and the family goes from being one of the most respected to utter disgrace. But neither Viola nor Lillian are quite sure what happened and how to respond.

What says summer more than California Girls with a picture of a convertible on the beach and three sisters in white sundresses enjoying the sun? Susan Mallery tells a laugh-out-loud story of three sisters whose lives have all hit bottom but together, side by side they will start over and rebuild their lives.

Kate Atkinson returns with another bestselling title in Transcription. Juliet Armstrong was recruited into the world of espionage early in the war and assumed after the war that those years are part of the past. Ten years later she finds  a bill of reckoning is due and no action is without consequences.

Finally, a sweet story told from the point of view of a cat is The travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa and translated by Philip Gabriel. Nana goes on a road journey across Japan with his owner.

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